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‘A legalità sta aret ‘o vico

Short film written and directed by the young boys and girls of Fondazione Famiglia di Maria, San Giovanni a Teduccio, eastern suburb of Naples, produced by Lers Film as a project to fight deviant behaviours in young people. In a cycle of 15 meetings, the boys and girls involved have created this short film by contributing to writing and actual filming while supervised by the director Raffele Ceriello. The short film had its national premiere at the Chamber of Deputies, in Rome, at the Council of Ministers.



release date:


written, directed and interpreted by:

Emanuele Belsito, Romina Scognamiglio, Nunzia Di Matteo, Francesco Palomba, Carmine Engheben, Saverio Esposito, Salvatore Belsito, Leopoldo Verdetti, Valeria Romano, Giusy Scognamiglio, Elisa Belsito, Alessia Autiero, Ilaria Raimo, Carmine Marino

project financed by:

Fondazione Famiglia di Maria

produced by:

Lers Film following the workshop on writing and production by Raffaele Ceriello

production assistants

Mauro Ronga, Aldo Verde

Special thanks to:

the President Anna Riccardi, the educational équipe, G-BROS and Luca Marino for the music

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