Lers Film is a film production and distribution company based in Naples (Italy). Born from the experience of the experimental distribution house known as “Les enfants rouges”, ever since 2005 the activity of the company has been revolving around the development of audiovisual projects, from the creative to the executive phase.
We distribute short films and documentaries to national and international festivals, to promotional platforms and to events and screening sessions in various filmmaking networks.

For years, Lers Film has been involved in organizing workshops, writing and short film production seminars in universities, schools, associations and foundations often located in difficult neighbourhoods in the city of Naples. The idea behind this is always the same: to bring forward an artistic and educational model that sees conflict as an opportunity, a way to embrace a brand new narrative force originating from a cinema anchored in reality.

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Based in: Naples, Italy

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Always drawn to stories with a definite civil vocation, always moving forward to the true Cinema del reale. We produce and distribute short films and documentaries to national and international festivals.