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A dream that becomes a nightmare, a nightmare that becomes reality. A dreamlike and veiled
trasposition from a phrase taken from a play about the life of Eleonora Duse, one of those phrases
that transcends time and is capable of being immortal. The short film intends to subtly and
elegantly denounce the cultural void that grips society before and after the coronavirus and it
does so through an artist that had reaction to a scary nightmare. His frantic attempt to react leads
him to discover an even more cruel reality.

His search for God and art is soaked by a lonely tear that falls in the desert that surrounds him.

ITA – 11’36”

Year of Production



Riccardo D'Alessandro

Production company:

Orizzonti Artistici


Pino Cormani, Riccardo D'Alessandro


Pino Cormani, Greta Berti, Andrea Lintozzi

Distribution company:

Lers Film


Riccardo D'Alessandro, Andrea Lintozzi

Production coordinator:

Barbara Palmiero

Director of Photography:

Giacomo Ferrari


Matteo Pisa

Editing and Color grading:

Giacomo Ferrari

Mix Audio:

Eros Avati

Graphics and Titles:

Alex Torcolacci

Always drawn to stories with a definite civil vocation, always moving forward to the true Cinema del reale. We produce and distribute short films and documentaries to national and international festivals.